Hazard claim and repair management pioneers

In 1984, Superior Home Services revolutionized the default industry with a unique program designed specifically to mitigate losses to damaged FHA properties. Since then, Superior has helped servicers recover over $1 billion in hazard claim funds and remediate tens of thousands of damaged FHA properties.

FHA Property Experts

Strict FHA guidelines place enormous pressure on a servicer’s limited time and resources. With Superior Home Services, that pressure disappears – because no company understands FHA properties better.

Stop Leaving Money on the Table

Superior Home Services is the only company that incorporates hazard claim recovery with repair management. As a result, clients avoid spending corporate funds to remediate damaged properties.


Vacant, Damaged, and in Default: A Servicer’s Dilemma

Vacant, Damaged, and in Default: A Servicer’s Dilemma



Property Preservation-Pre-Sale vs. Post-Sale

Thomas Vaughn and Patrick Nackley Superior Home Services



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Field Representatives

If you are a new field representative and interested in contracting repair service opportunities, please contact us to get more information.

Hazard Insurance Repairs

Superior Home Service’s wealth of experience translates into excellent claims administration and repair management.

Superior to the Rescue

Superior Home Services’ dedicated account managers create customized services to meet each client’s speci­fic servicing strategy and goals.

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