About superior home services

Superior Home Services manages FHA property remediation by utilizing hazard claim funds to repair damaged properties. No other company understands HUD regulations from damage to conveyance as well as Superior Home Services.


Superior has revolutionized the default industry by providing clients with the tools to mitigate losses to damaged FHA properties in default. Over the past 30 years, the company has managed nearly 60,000 repair jobs
and helped servicers recover over $1 billion in FHA hazard claim funds.


Superior Home Services remains the only company exclusively focused on FHA hazard claim and repair management, with mitigation solutions crafted specifically for damaged FHA properties in default.

A Message from the CEO

Dear Friends,

Since inception, Superior Home Services has been known throughout the mortgage industry as a leader in the areas of hazard insurance recovery and property repair. Because we understand that each client has specific business needs, we approach every project with a personal touch.

When your assets are managed by Superior, rest assured you will receive quality service in a timely manner. Superior is committed to fulfilling the highest standards of performance in order to maintain and ensure its place as an industry leader.

Superior Home Services is dedicated to providing cost effective and creative ways to handle the challenges facing servicers today. As mortgage companies and investors focus their attention on borrowers, know that Superior will continue to drive toward innovative programs directed at optimizing value for its clients if and when the needs arises.


David K. Cook,
President / CEO

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